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          Value Concept

          After 20 years of history, the company has not only stepped into the ranks of advanced exhibition industry with certain core competitiveness, but also formed a spiritual culture, institutional culture and material culture with Donnor style.

          Donnor business concept is committed to creating business opportunities for our customers.

          • The Goal of Donnor: build a domestic first-class modern exhibition private enterprise.

          • The Purpose of Donnor: serve the society with dedication.

          • The Spirit of Donnor: virtuous and dedicated, honest and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative.

          • Donnor's Work Style: rigorous, earnest, active and efficient.

          • Donnor Civilization Concept: respect, understanding, tolerance and self-discipline.

          • Donnor Team Concept: seek common ground while reserving differences, unite and strive for unity.

          • Donnor's Motto

          • Customer is our judge.

          • Creating a brand is our pursuit.

          • Be hardworking today, be successful tomorrow.

          • There is a market only when there are ideas, and there is a way out only when there are thoughts.

          • Effectiveness only, system first.

          • Loyalty and responsibility are priceless.

          • Everyday is a progress.

          • As long as there is action, there will be status.

          • What you want others to do to you, think of how to treat others first.

          • I for you, you for me, everyone for Donnor, Donnor for everyone.


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