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          Expo News

          Expo News Tuesday 27th of February 2024
          Seize the Moment: WOF 2024 Welcomes International Buyers to Exclusive Offline Trade Matchmaking

          Seize the Moment: WOF 2024 Welcomes International Buyers to Exclusive Offline Trade MatchmakingFrom May 10 to 12, 2024, the esteemed 22nd China Wenzhou International Optics Fair (WOF) is set to unfold at the Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibi…

          Expo News Sunday 25th of February 2024
          4 Days Count down to IWF!

          With just 4 days left until the commencement of the IWF International Fitness Expo, anticipation is reaching its peak. This eagerly awaited event promises to showcase a vast array of industrial products related to the fitness and swimming industries, …

          Expo News Tuesday 18th of April 2023
          Free Hotel for overseas visitors!!!

          In order to further facilitate the travel of overseas buyers, the organizing committee of IWF Shanghai Fitness Expo has specially provided "Free Hotel Accommodation Sponsorship for Overseas Buyers" policy for those overseas visitors (includi…

          Expo News Friday 24th of March 2023
          Exercise Rehabilitation

          Incorporating exercise rehabilitation into your daily routine can be a challenge, but its worth the effort. With the right guidance and support, you can regain your strength, mobility, and function, and get back to doing the things you love.

          Expo News Tuesday 21st of March 2023
          INE SHANGHAI 2023 Nutrition Health Expo

          INE SHANGHAI 2023 Nutrition Health Expo is an event that brings organizations, bushiness man, individuals together with a focus on promoting healthy diet habits and overall wellness.

          Expo News Wednesday 1st of February 2023
          Doors open onto the 2023 China Wenzhou Int’l Optics Fair

          Doors open onto the 2023 China Wenzhou Int’l Optics FairAfter three years COVID-19 entry restrictions, the Chinese government has declared there is no longer a requirement of quarantine for international arrivals entering China since 8th January 2023…

          Expo News Tuesday 31st of January 2023
          IWF SHANGHAI is the recognized annual event

          IWF SHANGHAI is the recognized annual event, gathering of fitness manufacturers, agents, traders, brands and key players etc., which is now an influential and premium even in fitness and sports industry in Asia.

          Expo News Tuesday 31st of January 2023
          What is A Fitness Expo?

          IWF SHANGHAI is the largest UFI proved fitness trading event in Asia, which is annually organized during March in Shanghai and combined by trade, training, forum and competition for fitness.

          Expo News Friday 14th of January 2022
          2021 Zhejiang Branded Shoe Industry Online Trade Fair: Connect Suppliers Faster and More Efficiently

          2021 Zhejiang Branded Shoe Industry Online Trade Fair was successfully held on November 23-27. The online trade fair was sponsored by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Wenzhou Municipal Committee, Chamber of International Commerce…

          Expo News Tuesday 23rd of November 2021
          WOF 2021-Post Show Report

          WOF 2021 - Stay Connected Post Show ReportAfter three packed days, the 19th China Wenzhou Inlt Optics Fair (WOF 2021 for short) came to a successful close at China Wenzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center on November 5-7. WOF 2021 has…

          Expo News Friday 24th of September 2021
          Visit The Embassies of Pakistan and Latvia in Beijing

          On September 23, Su Lisheng, President of Wenzhou Council of CCPIT and Pan Wei, chairman of Donnor Exhibition Co Ltd, visited the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing and the Latvian Embassy in Beijing, and expressed a sincere invitation to participate in 2021…

          Expo News Tuesday 22nd of June 2021
          China's imports and exports grew 28.2 percent from jan to May

          In the first five months of this year, Chinas imports and exports grew 28.2 percent year on year

          Expo News Wednesday 16th of June 2021
          2021 China (Wenzhou) International Hardware and intelligent lock exhibition grandly opened!

          Wenzhou Hardware Chamber of Commerce,smart lock whole industry chain forum,8th GDCC high-end customization summit,Wenzhou local famous enterprises, such as kaidis, VOC, GM, Tianyu, Zhongzheng, kub, baodeli, Xima, Carter, netch, Kaiyu, Laidi technology…

          Expo News Thursday 10th of June 2021
          Electro Link Sales Joins Service Wire

          PHOENIX, AZ – Electro Link Sales has joined Service Wire Co. as an electrical manufacturer’s representative. Electro Link Sales will represent Service Wire’s line of commercial and industrial wire and cable products in New Mexico; El Paso, Texas; a…

          Expo News Thursday 29th of April 2021
          2021 IWF Shanghai International Fitness Exhibition concluded successfully!

          2021 China (Shanghai) Int I Health, Wellness, Fitness Expo (8th Edition) (In short: IWF SHANGHAI 2021), as the largest and most extensive fitness industry business exchange platform.More than 100 special activities, which had practiced the Convention …


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