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          Gomez expo Asia-Pacific President Xie Shuyi went to Wenzhou Donnor expo for exchange and visit.

          On the morning of June 16, 2023, after visiting the 21st Wenzhou International Optical Fair, Mr. Xie Shuyi and his party went to Wenzhou Donnor Exhibition Co. Ltd. After visiting the 21st Wenzhou International Optical Fair. Su Lisheng, secretary of the party group and president of Wenzhou Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Wang Xiaodong, deputy director of Wenzhou Bureau of Commerce, Pan Wei, president of Wenzhou Convention and Exhibition Industry Association and chairman of Donnor Exhibition, and Xu Chengsong, general manager of Boguan Exhibition Company, and other persons in charge of the governmental departments, associations and exhibition enterprises participated in the seminar.


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          At the symposium, President Pan Wei, on behalf of the Association and Donnor Exhibitions, firstly welcomed the delegation of Gomexpo, introduced in detail the development of Wenzhou exhibition industry, the main business of Donnor Exhibitions as well as the operation and construction of digital exhibition and hoped that the two sides could carry out multi-faceted cooperation in the field of offshore exhibitions and other segments.


          Mr. Wang Xiaodong, deputy director of Municipal Bureau of Commerce, introduced the policies of Wenzhou exhibition industry and the construction of new exhibition halls and other related situations to Gomez Abbott Exhibitions and his delegation. He also said that the municipal party committee and municipal government are highly concerned about the exhibition industry, and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will continue to support the orderly development of the exhibition industry. In the next step, Wenzhou Prize will further increase the support for the exhibition industry, actively introduce more influential exhibition companies and international exhibition projects in the country and the world, and further enhance the influence and internationalization of Wenzhou's conference and exhibition industry.

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          Mr. Su Lisheng, president of Wenzhou Council for the Promotion of International Trade (WCPIT), said that since the docking with Gomez Abbott in Singapore in May this year, WCPIT has been actively promoting the docking exchanges between local exhibition enterprises and exhibition enterprises with international influence such as Gomez Abbott. Under the great importance and support of the municipal government, it is hoped that more and more international exhibition giants can come to Wenzhou to investigate, cooperate and run exhibitions, and international exhibition enterprises and local exhibition companies can try to have more diversified cooperation, build a cooperation platform together, and realize the goal of resource sharing and mutual benefit and win-win situation through exchanges and cooperation.

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          Xie Shuyi, President of Asia-Pacific Region of Gomez Exhibitions Group, expressed his gratitude to Wenzhou Municipal Government and Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, as well as the Association and Donnor Exhibitions. And from the perspective of the same industry, she appreciated the craftsmanship of Donnor Exhibitions, which has been deeply cultivating the industry for more than 20 years, as well as the gains made in the course of the site visit of Wenzhou International Optical Show. She said that the interaction between the two sides in this further exchange has laid a good foundation for striving for cooperation in the future. We hope to follow up with more in-depth communication in the field of food and agriculture, share resources, exchange experience and technology with each other, and explore opportunities for cooperation.

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