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          Wenzhou Donnor held the 2021 annual work summary and experience sharing conference

          From January 25th to 26th, 2022, the 2021 annual work summary and experience sharing conference of Wenzhou Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd was successfully held in the n meeting room of Building A, Business Plaza, Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. The theme of the meeting was "to overcome difficulties together, forge ahead". The company's chairman Pan Wei, Wenzhou Donnor’s general manager Shi Xianwei, Su Miaoshou, the general manager of Wenzhou Donnor Cloud Expo Co., Ltd., and Qiujing, the general manager of Wenzhou Donnor Acgn Co., Ltd. attended the meeting. More than 70 employees from the three companies attended the meeting, which was chaired by Lin Yidan, Executive Vice President of Wenzhou Donnor.


          In this meeting, Jin Chaogui, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Donnor and Chen Saijun, Director of Shanghai Donnor Market Operation Center were specially invited to share their experience of exhibition operation and promotion respectively.


          During the meeting, the heads of divisions, departments and subsidiaries shared and summarized the operation of the departments and projects in 2021, and proposed the main work ideas and directions for 2022.


          Subsequently, Mr. Shi summarized the business situation of Wenzhou Donnor in 2021 and planned the company's development ideas, business goals and key work in 2022.

          2021 is a year for Donnor people to help each other, fight together, and overcome difficulties. In the past year, under the influence of frequent epidemics, Donnor and even the entire exhibition industry have struggled through extreme uncertainty. However, we have never stopped and constantly seek new opportunities to cope with the changing situation. In 2021, although many projects were postponed or canceled, we spared no effort in opening up new projects, continuously constructing online B2B websites, actively cooperating with projects at home and abroad and improving the overall competitiveness to look for opportunities and and achieved results. 


          In the end, Chairman Pan Wei made a concluding speech and encouraged everyone that 2022 is a year full of hope. Although the "epidemic" is still spreading, with the obvious reduction in the toxicity of the mutant virus and the popularization of vaccines, many domestic and foreign experts have predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic may end. At the same time, with the promotion of the construction of Wenzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center, the Wenzhou Government will also pay more and more attention to the exhibition industry. In the next few years, the general environment of Wenzhou will be more favorable to the development of the exhibition industry.

          Therefore, we should be full of confidence, determine the scientific development direction and goal for the future of the company and projects, work together for the bright future of all Donnor people, and share the achievements of development.


          The company also awarded 2021 outstanding management award, innovation breakthrough award, outstanding financial worker, advanced workers to the outstanding individuals and teams in the meeting.


          Move forward without fear of obstacles. Donnor people will never stop chasing their dreams and surpassing themselves. In 2022, we look forward to creating a better future with the continued care and support of our partners and all sectors of society!   


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