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          Expo News

          2021 IWF Shanghai International Fitness Exhibition concluded successfully!


          2021 China (Shanghai) Int' I Health, Wellness, Fitness Expo (8th Edition) (In short: IWF SHANGHAI 2021), as the largest and most extensive fitness industry business exchange platform.

          More than 100 special activities, which had practiced the Convention Format of "Think Tank + Competition + Training + Awards" innovatively;

          More than 100 in-depth cooperation had achieved on site, gathering all kinds of resources effectively, and making the deep-business cooperation came true.

          More than 300 industry leaders and top experts had taken the in-depth interpretation of the future direction of fitness industry.

          2021 IWF has matched provincial and municipal associations and institutions precisely, and organized more than 600 high-quality dealers and 6000 clubs to participate in the exhibition and carried out a variety of forms of business matching activities.




          “2021 is the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and it is also an important year for the fitness and sports industry to usher in a new round of development opportunities. China's sports and fitness industry is now entering a new growth cycle of competitive and commercial innovation. In such an opportunity and context, as a leading industry event in the field of fitness and recreation in the Asia-Pacific region, IWF Shanghai International Fitness Exhibition will give full play to the gathering and radiation effects of the platform, continuously broaden and extend the service scope of the fitness and sports industry chain, and try every effort to build the trade exchange platform of the industrial chain.”

          ——Mr. Pan Wei, Chairman of Shanghai Dena Exhibition Group

          April 6-8,2021, IWF SHANGHAI 2021 was successfully held at Shanghai New International Expo Center.

          IWF Shanghai 2021 International Fitness Exhibition and CSE Shanghai Swimming SPA Exhibition, together with fitness equipment, sports and fitness new retail innovative products, club accessories, teenagers-sports education, fitness equipment and accessories, swimming pool SPA equipment, infant swimming, aquatics, functional health food and raw materials, sports nutrition, sports shoes and equipment, and other leading enterprises, all aim to present a top brand feast.

          A total of 800 brands were attracted to participate in the exhibition, the total exhibition area reached 70,000 square meters, the exhibition strictly implemented the government and venue prevention and control the safety exhibition policy, each procedure had been completed in a safe and orderly manner.



          Exhibitors Collectively Make Efforts to Gather High-quality Products and New Products on Site

          The fitness equipment and famous products pavilion display the commercial and household functional training equipment, aerobic and strength equipment, fitness equipment accessories, sports rehabilitation supplies and so on other famous brands in the world.

          As well as club supporting, fitness shoes and bags, and wearable smart devices and other categories. All of these provide one-stop choice the for the gym, clubs, personal trainer studio, sports fitness venues and other commercial space. There are also sports nutrition and healthy food manufacturers from all over the world gathering in Shanghai.

          2021 China (Shanghai) International Swimming Pool Facility, Swimming Equipment and SPA Expo (for short:CSE SHANGHAI 2021) CSE Shanghai Swimming SPA,as the first exhibition of the large-scale global swimming pool industry exhibition in 2021, it is also the largest exhibition with the most categories. CSE Shanghai Swimming SPA Exhibition continues to show the new trends, new products, new technologies, new skills and new projects for "people professional in swimming industry". Meanwhile, this Expo is also hailed as a needed platform for business exhibitions.


          A Advance Position for Procurement, Professional Buyers Attend Passionately

          IWF not only welcomes the high-quality exhibitors in all the country, but also brings together dealers / agents, founder of fitness club / clubhouse studio, industry association, hotel system and property developers from all over the country, and other professional visitors to experience and purchase.

          Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui, Hunan, Jilin and many other places of the association visiting groups and Enterprise visiting groups with targeted direction were invited by IWF. Visitors gave excellent feedback and many exhibitors praised and said that the professional degree of the exhibition is constantly strengthening.


          Gather the Wisdom of the Group to Help the Industry Upgrade Iteratively

          IWF 2021 The 8th Fitness Leadership Forum; Boss Talk of China Private Training Studio——Business Path of the New Decade; The 3rd Sports Nutrition Food Forum and the Annual New Product Release; Personal Trainer's Revolution and so on. IWF always pay attention to and focus on the fitness groups, practice the initial faith of the service industry, build brand-forum activities, constantly accumulate the power for the industry.

          Private Council for Strategic Development of China Influence Fitness Club, Cross-Border Electronic Commerce Global Trends Forum; 2021 Franchisee Convention —— Create the Value, Share the Glory; CBBA Bodybuilding and Fitness Association Communication Conference; XinChun Allies Conference on Win-Win Healthy China-Collaborate, Empower, and Evolve with ACE Certified Professionals;11th New Nutrition College Forum - Shanghai; 2021 Yaohui Sports, Exchange Forum of National Fitness Industry Mentor-The Path of a First-Line Director in Actions..... IWF knows the strength of industry exchanges and cooperation, constantly exploring the possibilities of industry cooperation, and exploring new models and development channels.



          China Fitness Convention, the Industry Shares the Future

          Modern Sports Style ? The 5th China Club Design Competition; 2021 Fitness Squad?DMS Championship Olympia Amateur China Regional Qualification; Zumba × STRONG Nation Spring Carnival; Spartan DEKA Strong; The 3rd Yangtze River Delta Rope Skipping Champion; 2021 Pole War-Shanghai &2021 Aerial Fit Jam, Jindafit - la joie de vivre - Afrobeats Dance Workout and so on other competition had been held successfully. There was a heat wave and can be called the carnival for the fitness crowd.



          In-Play ? Kwai Sports Health Fashion Night and JSC SUPER ICON China Super Award Ceremony; VNING-Universidad Antonio de Nebrija EMBA?Hua-V & Long-Horse Sports Top Brand Awards Ceremony; All these activities had affirmed the outstanding companies and products in the industry, as to set a benchmark, and became a model.


          IWF Hero Convention and Heroine had held ten theme training courses, dedicated to enhance the breadth and depth of the training courses, and gathered the excellent institutions and mentors to create a more professional, subdivision, diversity of courses, and opened up ideas for all of you!

          The Organizing Committee of the IWF Shanghai 2021 would like to express the heartfelt thanks to all the exhibitors, partners, professional visitors, media friends and all the staff involved in the exhibition!

          We will take the needs of exhibitors and visitors as our own responsibility, and constantly innovate and seek better change, improve the service, and strive for the healthy development of China's fitness industry.

          The 9th China (Shanghai) Int' I Health, Wellness,Fitness Expo

          The 4th China (Shanghai) Int' Swimming Pool Facility, Swimming Equipment & SPA Expo

          Be Finalized on May 1-3, 2022.

          Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345 Longyang Road, Shanghai, China)

          See you next year, continue to write the wonderful future!



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